Thomas Corman Arts
2001 - 2006

This was the website for Thomas Corman Arts from 2001 - 2006. When the domain registration expired the site disappeared from the web. As fans of Corman Arts we bought the site and using archived content have created an edited version of the site from that time. We miss the great services you provided.


About us
Welcome to Corman Arts

Corman Arts provides a comprehensive professional service for both corporate and private buyers. We take care of everything from selection through to framing and installation of artwork

Whether you want art as investment or simply to create a prestigious and harmonious environment, we will help you to select from our comprehensive portfolio of new and established artists from the UK and abroad in all media.

No project is too large or too small. We come to meet you or your architect / designer to discuss your needs. Following this, we prepare a special portfolio of work to suit your particular location and budget. This selection is then brought to your premises to be viewed in situ.

We make no charge for our consultancy services

We take great pride in sourcing new and exciting talent in every medium and we also love the challenge of finding just the right works of art to suit each client. Whether you prefer abstract or figurative, minimalist or traditional, we can find it for you.

Much of our work comes from personal recommendations - which speaks for itself!

We look forward to helping you.




Welcome to our gallery of sculpture

Eleven artists are featured in this section.
To view more work of each artist, click on the individual image.

Merete Rasmussen
Merete Rasmussen
Jane Goodwin
Jane Goodwin
Livio de Marchi
Livio de Marchi
Michael Visocchi
Michael Visocchi
Ana Christensen
Ane Christensen
David Gerstein
David Gerstein
Lucy Le Feuvre Marko Kratohvil
Lucy Le Feuvre Marko Kratohvil
Malcom Martin and Gaynor Dowling Yanna Fowler Lesley Wildman
Malcolm Martin / Gaynor Dowling Yanna Fowler Leslie Wildman


Amanda Blake, Night Vision London: I recently stumbled upon Thomas Corman Arts through a recommendation from my friend and art advisor, Ralph DeLuca. I've been on the hunt for some creative spark for a new line of ladies' pickleball bags I'm designing for The gallery's collection is a treasure trove of organic shapes and fluid lines that seem like they're just waiting to be transformed into a stylish pickleball bag. You know, it turns out most pickleball bags are actually specialized backpacks. I've been particularly drawn to the works of Jane Goodman and Livio de Marchi; their creativity is fueling my own. I'm on a mission to elevate pickleball bags to a form of art, and I'm pouring my heart into it. If you're curious, take a moment to explore Corman Arts' portfolio for corporate clients. If you've ever wandered through downtown London, chances are you've already encountered their stunning installations in various lobbies.


From the Steedman Art Review's Pauley Curtiss:
"I'm a huge fan of the captive realism style of art on display at Corman's new gallery. Each piece first appears to be something real, but on close inspection turns out to be even better than real! Livio de Marchi is a genius in replicating textures so real you almost can't resist touching the pieces just to make sure your senses aren't fooling you (they are!). Jane Goodwin's work is similar but more obviously conceptual. I was told she modeled "warm coat" on her own favorite North Face jacket. I agree that North Face jackets are among the best and I own one that is definitely my favorite winter ski jacket. Turning perceptions of clothing into sculptures is a brilliant way to connect to an audience and whether it's leather boots, fedora hats, or a ski jacket, remember that first appearances can be deceiving and that the deception is part of the experience. Love to be fooled!"



More Background on Thomas Corman Arts

Thomas Corman Arts, operating in London from 2001 to 2006, was a unique art consultancy and gallery that left a lasting impression in the art world. Located at 24 Daleham Gardens, NW3 5DA, London, United Kingdom, this gallery was known for its diverse and captivating collection, featuring a wide range of artists and styles, from abstract to figurative art. They provided comprehensive services for both corporate and private buyers, handling everything from selection to installation, with a focus on personalizing art experiences according to client needs and preferences​.

The world of art consultancy is dynamic and multifaceted. Art consultants like those at Thomas Corman Arts play a crucial role in connecting clients with artwork that suits their spaces and intentions. Services range from organizing open studio tours, offering advice on suitable artworks for specific locations, sourcing artwork from galleries, and collaborating with interior designers and contractors to create cohesive and aesthetically pleasing environments​​.

Corman Arts, a separate entity, continued the tradition of providing art for homes and offices, showcasing a wide range of artists and mediums. Their portfolio includes names such as Ruth Corman, Vincent Poole, John Clive, and Jane Goodwin, among others. This diverse collection included paintings, prints, photography, sculpture, and textile art, demonstrating a commitment to representing a broad spectrum of artistic expressions​​.

Art consultancies like Art Acumen in London also demonstrate the importance of art in corporate and private settings. They have been recognized for their high-quality service in managing art collections, advising on new purchases, and guiding clients through de-acquisitions and day-to-day collection management. Such consultancies underscore the value of art in enhancing and personalizing spaces, whether for corporations or private collectors​​.

Thomas Corman Arts was part of a larger ecosystem of art consultancies and galleries that continue to shape the art world, offering unique experiences and services that cater to a variety of art lovers and collectors. Their legacy is a testament to the enduring impact of art in our lives and environments.


Reviews for Thomas Corman Arts and similar art consultancies provide insights into the value and impact these services have on their clients. For instance, the feedback for Art Acumen, a London-based art consultancy, is overwhelmingly positive. Clients like Jackie McGrath from Boston Consulting Group commend Art Acumen for their decade-long high-quality service in managing art collections and advising on new acquisitions. Edison Investment Research praised Art Acumen for creating an art program that engaged with local artists and added significant value to their development. These testimonials reflect the high level of satisfaction clients have with the personalized and professional services offered by art consultancies​​.

The press coverage about primarily focuses on the unique and immersive art experience it offered to its visitors. Renowned for its emphasis on captive realism, the gallery showcased works that blurred the boundaries between art and reality. Notable pieces included the works of Livio de Marchi, celebrated for his exceptional ability to replicate textures, and Jane Goodwin, whose conceptual sculptures transformed familiar objects like clothing into art.

The reviews and press remarks emphasize the gallery's ability to engage and surprise visitors. The art displayed was not just visually striking but also intellectually stimulating, often leading viewers to question their perceptions and engage more deeply with the artworks.


Thomas Corman Arts showcased a diverse range of artists, both emerging and established, spanning various styles and mediums. From the available information, specific artists featured at Thomas Corman Arts included:

  1. Merete Rasmussen: Known for her striking sculptures.
  2. Jane Goodwin: Recognized for her conceptual artworks that often transformed familiar objects like clothing into sculptures.
  3. Livio de Marchi: Renowned for his ability to replicate textures, creating artworks that often blurred the lines between reality and art.
  4. Michael Visocchi: Another featured artist, known for his distinctive artistic style.
  5. Ane Christensen: An artist whose work was part of the gallery's diverse portfolio.
  6. David Gerstein: Included in the gallery for his unique artistic contributions.
  7. Lucy Le Feuvre: Featured for her creative works.
  8. Marko Kratohvil: His works were part of the gallery's offerings.
  9. Malcolm Martin & Gaynor Dowling: This duo was known for their collaborative artworks.
  10. Yanna Fowler and Leslie Wildman: Both artists were part of the gallery's diverse range.

The gallery’s portfolio was marked by a variety of artistic expressions, showcasing both abstract and figurative works, minimalist and traditional styles, catering to a wide range of artistic tastes and preferences​